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Natalia Roberti, L.M.T., L.L.M.T., M.D. and Medical Qigong Practitioner


Enjoy discovering the multiple modalities and approaches Natalia has developed over the years.

Given your body's various healing needs, one or multiple of these approaches may be best suited for you. Natalia is always happy to share how the various approaches may serve your individual situation.

As you read about Natalia and her various healing modalities you will see how she is a rare healer whose training spans western and holistic approaches making her a great asset to anybody seeking a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Natalia's year-long project with Health and Healing Resources and inspired by requests from many clients to create a 52-week course to help people overcome emotional obstacles and create the life they want is now ready.

Contact Natalia today to schedule a detoxifying and immune system building lymphatic massage or to develop greater overall health and clear blockages with medical qigong or a powerful yet simple emotional release session.

    Natalia is currently offering Lymphatic Massage combined with other modalities at
  • 210 Oak St in Auburn.
  • The Barn Studio Family Center in Santa Cruz.
    See more on locations on the contact page.

What People Are Saying

Natalia is an angel. I feel so blessed to have an opportunity to work with her! She has many amazing healing modalities that she custom fits to each client. She provides a warm and healing atmosphere so you at once feel comfortable and relaxed. I feel lighter, more energized and more inspired after my session with her. I look forward to my next!
     ~ Willow Rockwell (Santa Cruz)

I have been receiving regular healings and lymphatic massage from Natalia for the last 6 months and the effect on my health has been extraordinary! My skin is much clearer, my immune function and energy are much improved and I feel much calmer and happier. We are fortunate to have such a talented and open hearted healer in our community!
     ~ Marketa Bilkova
     (Acupuncturist and assistant professor at Five Branches University)

Natalia and her healing hands have been a great help to me. Her knowledge of how to improve the functioning of the lymph system and various organs, and how to remove blockages in the energy meridians is immense. I have had chronic neck pain and kidney-back pain for almost 20 years before beginning with her. After a few treatments of working on the tense areas of my neck, and shoulders, the pain has been reduced about 90%. The pain in my kidneys and back is also improving steadily. She knows how to use just the right amount of pressure to prevent excessive soreness during or after the treatment.
Also, for the last 2 years I had a regular occurrence of throbbing and pain in my lymph glands in various areas. After two short series of lymphatic massage treatments with Natalia, the pain has almost completely disappeared with no more uncomfortable throbbing, and only slight discomfort every once in a while. It feels like my lymphatic system is much less congested and working as it should.
She has a nice way of uplifting her clients with optimism and good cheer.
Iím looking forward to joining her Medical Qi Gong class to improve my immune system, general endurance, balance and kidney energy.
     ~ Bob G. (Santa Cruz)

After being hospitalized and diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I was having issues in all of my body's systems. My body was going haywire, and I was desperate for relief from my pain. I had tried acupuncture but felt no effect, and tried shiatsu massage, but would cry from the pain. I began getting lymphatic massage from Natalia, and her gentle touch started to turn my health around. My pain was diminished, and my immune system became stronger. I am so thankful to Natalia for helping me find different ways to make my body happy. Now I attend her Qigong classes twice a week, and I feel myself getting physically and energetically stronger every time.
     ~ Jesika (Santa Cruz)

Natalia is a gifted and compassionate healer. Her depth of knowledge and multiple modalities deliver results and quickly. After seeing Natalia regularly for a few months, my overall wellness and my emotional capacity for joy are both greatly increased. I cannot recommend Natalia more highly.
     ~ Cathie R. (Santa Cruz)

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Natalia recommends Morning and Evening Meditations by Louise L. Hay.

Now serving clients in the Sierra Foothills area from Auburn to Grass Valley,
as well as nearby Rocklin and Roseville communities.
Still serving clients in the the Santa Cruz area
from Scotts Valley to Santa Cruz to Aptos on a monthly basis.
Contact us about sessions in nearby counties or remote sessions via telephone.

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