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Instant Emotional Release

Trapped Emotions And Their Effects On Our Lives

When we have a traumatic experience or troubling situation over an extended period of time emotions can become trapped in our bodies. These trapped feelings then affect the way we think and act, as well as our health and wellness. Trapped emotions don’t just hold us back from living to our fullest potential, these trapped feelings can also lead to disease and overall ill health.

When practicing various massage techniques on clients, Natalia has often seen how trapped emotions have lead to stagnation and constriction in the body. So to maximize the healing benefits of her massage, she realizes the great value in assisting clients to release these trapped feelings as an essential component to assisting her clients back to a state of wellness.

Releasing Trapped Emotions

There are many approaches people use to release trapped emotions from simple prayer to years of psychotherapy. But when Natalia was recommended the Emotion Code by a fellow healer and began integrating this simple method with her other healing practices, it became quite clear that this is an exceptional method of emotional release.

This method embraces the body’s inherent intelligence and connection with its trapped emotions. The body is asked a string of questions depending on its responses to the questions. Kinesiology (muscle testing) is used to get yes or no answers from the body. This approach allows the body to directly participate in the healing process while bypassing the trickiness of the mind. For example, a fear can be released without ever needing to delve into the story related to the fear.

Your body’s inherent intelligence will tell you if it is ready to release emotions and when you have released enough for a given session, the body will let you know this too.

Natalia and the Emotion Code

Natalia first began using the Emotion Code method on herself, and recognizing the power of this method, quickly began sharing it with others during massage sessions or any other time where it seemed trapped emotions were hindering a persons life or health. People usually feel lighter and more spacious after going through an emotional release session with Natalia. Clients have even seen physical pain disappear. She has been able to work with all sorts of people in person and remotely, over the phone. Natalia has even developed multiple approaches for various people’s needs.

Natalia also strongly recommends her clients purchase the book. She hopes that after you have a few sessions with her and read the book, you will be able to use this method throughout your life to continue release trapped emotions so you can lead a happy, healthy life with vitality and vigor.

So if you want to be free of those often hidden, but powerful trapped emotions, please contact Natalia today. She looks forward to helping you live a healthy and happy life.

What People Are Saying
I have been enjoying the benefits of emotional release assisted by Natalia. I decided that I should try to do this technique on my own at home. I am so encouraged by the results. I have suffered for years from pain in my right hip as well as my knees. When I decided that I wanted to let this pain go, my body was right there on my side and willing to let go of this crippling pain. It really is instant on many levels, and occasionally may take a little more time. I realized that this wasn't a big deal, because the pain took years to develop-so what's a little extra time to get rid of it? Natalia has given so much knowledge to me about the tools available to heal myself. What a gift! She is willing to give the information to anyone who wants to use it. I definitely am thrilled with the results. This is just the beginning of getting to my totally healed self.
     ~ Nancy Pitt

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