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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Massage is a massage technique used to drain the body's lymph fluids. The lymphatic system is an integral part of the immune system. There are many causes to why the lymphatic system can become overburdened and stagnant. Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps to bring your immune system and body back to its natural balance.

    Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • detoxifies the body as it removes heavy metals and foreign substances
  • stimulates the immune system and cell regeneration
  • assists in Weight Loss and cellulite reduction
  • increases white blood cell production
  • cancer prevention and post-cancer cleansing
  • reduces stagnation in body before and after surgery
  • relieves congestion due from allergies and sinus problems

Natalia has a fine-tuned ability to help the lymph flow and release blockages in the lymph system. Like Tui Na, this is a gentle massage technique. But the release and flow of lymph has profound effects on patients.

Do you want to cleanse and detoxify your body?
Lymphatic Massage is an essential part of releasing toxins already stored within the body and allowing the lymph to absorb more toxins from the body.

Is your immune system stressed?
Use lymphatic massage to strengthen your immune system.

See pricing and order your sessions online using a credit card.

Read about Manual Lymph Drainage on Wikipedia.

What People Are Saying
After being hospitalized and diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I was having issues in all of my body's systems. My body was going haywire, and I was desperate for relief from my pain. I had tried acupuncture but felt no effect, and tried shiatsu massage, but would cry from the pain. I began getting lymphatic massage from Natalia, and her gentle touch started to turn my health around. My pain was diminished, and my immune system became stronger. I am so thankful to Natalia for helping me find different ways to make my body happy. Now I attend her Qigong classes twice a week, and I feel myself getting physically and energetically stronger every time.
     ~ Jesika (Santa Cruz)
I started to receive Natalia's lymphatic drainage massages one month ago. I initially took interest in lymphatic drainage therapy because I thought it would help with my sore and distended breasts that come and go with my menstrual cycle. Sure enough, within a month of receiving treatments from Natalia, I have had a very noticeable change in my premenstrual breast issues. I went from experiencing the distention and soreness for 2 weeks before my period to experiencing some discomfort for just a few days (less than week) before my period. Natalia provides a refined sense of professionalism and has a lot to offer in terms of life style suggestions to exercises that can help alleviate your symptoms. I have also had a lot of success with dealing with some emotional issues through working with the book "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which she suggested to read right after our first session. Natalia certainly has a gift and I highly recommend her for body work but she will absolutely offer you so much more.
     ~ Melani L. (San Jose)
I came to Natalia for Lymphatic Massage after surgery to release stagnation and toxins from the body. Natalia helped so much with this. I didnít realize how many places in my body were in pain. Natalia found and released stagnation of shoulder pain for example. I couldnít raise my arm up, but after the session I could extend my arm and had full motion. My posture improved too. The massage also left me feeling very relaxed and light. I highly recommend Lymphatic Massage with Natalia. You will also be pleasantly surprised with all the other healing skills she brings to the session.
     ~ Susan (Santa Cruz)
I have been fortunate to have a number of lymphatic massage treatments from Natalia Roberti. She has wonderful hands, and is very intuitive and present. While most massage techniques work from the outside in, Natalia's Lymphatic Massage relaxes and cleanses from the inside out. The effects feel like a combination of massage and craniosacral treatments. I highly recommend her massages for relaxation, emotional release, and of course, for the numerous health benefits of lymphatic drainage.
     ~ Barbara Levitt (Santa Cruz)
Natalia was an exceptional student of ours who clearly has a natural gift as a Lymphatic Therapist. She worked for us for a few years and was highly appreciated by her clients. She was one of the best therapists in the clinic. Years after she left Santa Barbara, her clients and referrals are still asking about her availability. We highly recommend Natalia as a Lymphatic Therapist for anybody requiring this powerful healing technique.
     ~ Allen and Anita Mills, Founders of Center for Lymphatic Health (Santa Barbara)

Now serving clients in the Sierra Foothills area from Auburn to Grass Valley,
as well as nearby Rocklin and Roseville communities.
Still serving clients in the the Santa Cruz area
from Scotts Valley to Santa Cruz to Aptos on a monthly basis.
Contact us about sessions in nearby counties or remote sessions via telephone.

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