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Natalia Roberti, L.M.T., L.L.M.T., M.D. and Medical Qigong Practitioner

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Thus, it is another method of affecting, directing and balancing the body’s chi. However, Qigong balances chi without the use of needles or herbs. Qigong moves chi with physical movements combined with visualizations and sounds. Qigong has been used in China for centuries to enhance vitality and longevity.

Natalia finds Qigong to be the greatest holistic approach to overall health maintenance of all the methods she offers. After diagnosis and healing, Natalia will also teach Qigong movements, visualizations and sounds which continue to clear old energy patterns and establish the balanced flow of chi.

Natalia is a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner through Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Natalia begins her classes with some quiet time when she checks the pulses of participants to determine weakness in particular organs. Then she takes the group through various qigong exercises to strengthen the various organs and increase vitality of your body, mind and spirit. The sessions end with more quite time allowing participants to bask in the increased vitality as Natalia checks pulses again to monitor improvement of various organs. Natalia is not teaching regular group classes at the moment, but she is available for individual or group sessions.

    Natalia is currently teaching Medical Qigong at the following three locations in the Auburn area:
  • 210 Oak St in Auburn on Saturdays and Mondays.
  • Auburn Parks and Recreation Thursdays from 11-12 at Recreation Park (123 Recreation Dr, Auburn, CA 95603).
  • Auburn Adult Education Thursdays from 1-2 at 3775 Richardson Dr, Auburn, CA 95602.
    See more on locations on the contact page.

Contact Natalia today if you are interested in her teaching private or group sessions. She has been known to hold classes at private residences when there is enough interest.

What People Are Saying
At first I was skeptical of the validity and benefits of medical qigong. It sounded like hocuspocus to me. However, based on a few symptoms Natalia predicted other symptoms which verified that my kidneys were deficeint. Then Natalia gave me a very simple movement and visualization, and the result amazed me. First, Natalia showed me the exercise to tonify my kidneys and then she coached me through it until I was comfortable with it. Doing the movement for only a few minutes was very powerful and transformative. I felt strong emotions coming up and much greater vitality. Wow! I highly recommend Natalia's medical qigong treatment for anybody seeking greater health and vitality!
     ~ Jason Parkinson (Santa Cruz)
During the first few weeks of school at Five Branches University my kidney qi had been very low. Even with Tui Na and Acupuncture treatments my kidney qi remained low. Natalia showed me one quick Qigong exercise to tonify my kidney qi and I was amazed at the immediate, obvious improvement at both my Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang pulse points. She is a great teacher with an obvious depth of knowledge and passion for healing.
     ~ Rhiannon Henry (TCM Acupuncture Student)
After being hospitalized and diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I was having issues in all of my body's systems. My body was going haywire, and I was desperate for relief from my pain. I had tried acupuncture but felt no effect, and tried shiatsu massage, but would cry from the pain. I began getting lymphatic massage from Natalia, and her gentle touch started to turn my health around. My pain was diminished, and my immune system became stronger. I am so thankful to Natalia for helping me find different ways to make my body happy. Now I attend her Qigong classes twice a week, and I feel myself getting physically and energetically stronger every time.
     ~ Jesika (Santa Cruz)

Now serving clients in the Sierra Foothills area from Auburn to Grass Valley,
as well as nearby Rocklin and Roseville communities.
Still serving clients in the the Santa Cruz area
from Scotts Valley to Santa Cruz to Aptos on a monthly basis.
Contact us about sessions in nearby counties or remote sessions via telephone.

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