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Natalia Roberti, L.M.T., L.L.M.T., M.D. and Medical Qigong Practitioner

About Natalia Traditional Chinese Medicine Training and Experience

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced in China for centuries. It is well-accepted in the mainstream of medical care throughout East Asia. However, it is considered alternative medicine in the United States. Of course, the Santa Cruz area is on the forefront of embracing TCM in various forms from acupuncture to tai chi.

Natalia was initially impressed by tai chi and the level of balance it brings into life. Tai chi is an internal martial art which Natalia continues to study with various teachers.

Later, Natalia learned about Qigong when she began practicing with Cathrene Glick. Natalia quickly became a student of the movements and visualizations as she saw the powerful results of greater energy, clarity and balance. Cathrene loaned Natalia Jerry Johnson's seminal texts on Medical Qigong. In these texts and with Cathrene's teaching, Natalia found the answers she had been searching for throughout her lifetime of healing related studies.

Since then Natalia has been studying with Jerry Johnson at his International Institute of Medical Qigong in Monterey and also at Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Through Natalia's original Tai Chi teacher, she has also had the great privilege of studying and practicing Tui Na (TCM massage) with one of China's greatest Tui Na masters.

Natalia is a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner through Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

At Five Branches University, Natalia also excelled at and completed several courses which included all the acupuncture points. She is using this knowledge to offer needlefree acupuncture without penetrating the skin by using the Gold and Silver Needle technique taught by Dr. Bear from China, Energetic Needles which is a technique from Medical Qigong, as well as using acupressure points.

Natalia Roberti, L.M.T., L.L.M.T., M.D. and Medical Qigong Practitioner

Now serving clients in the Sierra Foothills area from Auburn to Grass Valley,
as well as nearby Rocklin and Roseville communities.
Still serving clients in the the Santa Cruz area
from Scotts Valley to Santa Cruz to Aptos on a monthly basis.
Contact us about sessions in nearby counties or remote sessions via telephone.

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